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How to remove a broken faucet and install a new one
Addtime: 2017-11-07

Many people come to consult Xiaobian before purchasing the kitchen faucet. In order to let everyone better purchase, today Xiaobian will introduce how to remove the kitchen faucet and install the kitchen faucet. I hope it will be useful to everyone.

How to remove the kitchen faucet

The first step: first prepare the tools: screwdriver, wrench, pliers. If you are just replacing parts (such as seals), then prepare the part. Then close the main valve.

Step 2: Remove the small screws on the back or behind the faucet handle and remove the handle attached to the faucet body. Some of the faucet screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets. When the button is opened, the handle screws on the top are visible. For faucets that have been used for a long time, the screws may become tight due to rust, etc., and some lubricant may be dripped in.

Step 3: If the screw is hidden in the hole, it is recommended to observe it by hand. The main thing is to see what the fixing screw is inside. The cross is still a word, and then use the corresponding screwdriver to loosen. The screw of a few brand faucets is an inner square hole (such as Moen). This kind of screw removal is more troublesome. When using alternative tools, pay special attention not to damage the screw opening. When you loosen the screw, you can remove the handle.

Step 4: At this point, you see a large copper nut. After removing the nut with a large movable wrench, you can remove the spool of the faucet. Observe the copper plane under the valve core for unevenness or fine sand particles.

Kitchen faucet installation

Due to the high frequency of use of the kitchen faucet, it is easy to loosen when moving and moving. All the requirements are taken for granted, so the lock nut must be tightened. At present, there are a number of faucets on the building materials market to increase the nut fixed by the nut, which has excellent stability and stability. The obvious effect will become the trend of a generation.

Today, Xiaobian introduced some relevant information about the kitchen faucet. I hope to help you better understand how to remove the kitchen faucet and install the kitchen faucet, and choose a product you like!

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