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Do you know how to choose the faucet when decorating the bathroom or kitchen
Addtime: 2017-11-07

Hydropower is always a big thing when it comes to decoration. The sloppy items that are not related to water and electricity are naturally carefully selected. However, for the faucet, do you really know how to choose? Next I will teach you how to identify the material of the faucet. Do you know how to choose a faucet when decorating a bathroom or kitchen?

Nowadays, the leading faucet materials on the market are alloy faucets, pure copper faucets, copper faucets, and stainless steel faucets. Many people face the faucet of these materials and do not know how to choose. It is impossible to distinguish from the style alone.

The alloy faucet is a relatively low-end faucet, but because of the low price and the same beautiful style, the sales volume is very large. The alloy faucet will feel very light when you hold it on the hand. You can see that the inside is also whitish or slightly uneven black through the screw buckle at the bottom of the faucet. Many manufacturers often use the faucet to increase the appearance of the alloy faucet. The size of the head is very large because the cost of the alloy is relatively low.

Pure copper faucet, as the name implies, is copper inside and outside the faucet. It is quite heavy in the hand. It can be seen from the bottom screw that it is yellow brass inside and outside. It is also used to draw the inside of the faucet. Yellow. This basically makes it possible to conclude that this is a pure copper faucet. Because the cost of copper is relatively high, usually a faucet will sell more expensive, and a few hundred pieces of pure copper faucet are very common.

The copper faucet is a popular process in recent years, which is to put a layer of copper on the outer surface of the alloy. This kind of faucet is very common in the market, and the price is relatively popular. When distinguishing, it can be clearly seen from the bottom of the faucet that the yellow outer ring of the inner ring is white, the boundary is clear, and the weight is also between pure copper and pure alloy.

Stainless steel faucets have also become popular in the past two years. Stainless steel faucets generally have a brushed texture. It is too labor-intensive to make full polishing due to the characteristics of stainless steel. The stainless steel faucet is the heaviest of all the faucets. The cost of stainless steel is much lower than that of pure copper, but because the quality is very hard, it is very time consuming and labor in production. Therefore, the price of stainless steel faucets is not much lower than that of pure copper faucets. When discerning, it is also the same when the bottom is observed. The color of the stainless steel faucet is deeper and it is easy to distinguish it from the alloy.

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