What about dripping faucets?




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he faucet is a popular name for the water valve. It is used to control the size of the water flow switch and has the effect of saving water. Every faucet is inseparable from every household. Of course, with the continuous transformation of modern people, there are many kinds of faucets, and the shapes are different. So today, I will introduce you to the classification of the faucet and how to do the faucet dripping. I hope to solve your daily problems.

First, the classification of the faucet

The faucet has been updated very quickly. From the old-fashioned cast iron process to the electroplated knob type, it has developed into a stainless steel single-temperature single-control faucet, a stainless steel dual-temperature dual-control faucet, and a kitchen semi-automatic faucet. Nowadays, more and more consumers are buying faucets, which will be considered in terms of materials, functions and shapes. According to the material, it can be divided into SUS304 stainless steel, cast iron, all plastic, brass, zinc alloy material faucet, polymer composite faucet and other categories. According to function, it can be divided into basin, bathtub, shower, kitchen sink faucet. According to the structure, it can be divided into single-type, double-type and triple-type faucets. In addition, there are single handles and double handles. The single-connected type can be connected to the cold water pipe or the hot water pipe; the double-connected type can connect two hot and cold pipes at the same time, and is mostly used for the bathroom sink and the faucet of the kitchen sink with hot water supply; the triple-type hot and cold water is removed. Outside the pipe, it can also be connected to a shower head, mainly used for the faucet of the bathtub. The single handle faucet can adjust the temperature of the hot and cold water through one handle, and the double handle needs to adjust the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe separately to adjust the water temperature.

Second, how to do the faucet dripping

Regardless of the appearance of the push-type faucet, whether it has two handles for hot and cold water or only one handle for controlling hot and cold water at the same time, it works according to some basic principles. The following is how to remove a push-type faucet and repair dripping. Required tools: Use these tools to deal with push-type faucets - screwdrivers, penetrating lubricants, pliers or adjustable wrenches and the pads to be replaced.

1. Turn off the water supply and remove the small screws on the back or behind the faucet handle to remove the handle fixed to the faucet body. Some screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets that are snapped or screwed into the handle. Simply open the button and you will see the handle screw on the top. If necessary, use some osmotic oil like WD-40 to loosen the screws. Remove the handle and look at the parts of the faucet. Use a large pliers or an adjustable wrench to remove the packing nut, taking care not to leave scratches on the metal. Rotate the spool or shaft in the same direction as when you turned the faucet to unscrew them.

2. Remove the screws that secure the washer. If necessary, use an infiltration lubricant to loosen the screws. Check the screws and spools and replace them if they are damaged. Replace the old gasket with a new one that is identical. New gaskets that are almost perfectly matched to the old gaskets generally allow the faucet to no longer drip. Also note that the old gasket is either beveled or flat and replaced with the same new gasket. A gasket designed only for cold water will swell significantly when hot water flows to block the water outlet, making the hot water flow slower. Some washers work in hot and cold water, but make sure that the gasket you bought for replacement is exactly the same.

3. Secure the new gasket to the valve plug and reassemble the parts in the faucet. Rotate the spool clockwise. After the spool is in place, reinstall the packing nut. Be careful not to leave the wrench scratched on the metal. Reinstall the handle and replace the button or disc. Re-open the water supply and check for leaks.

The above is a detailed introduction to the classification of the faucet, how to do the faucet drip, and I will explain it to you here. Of course, there are many solutions to the leaking of the faucet. You don't have to stick to this one to solve it. However, we still have to find the cause of the problem with the faucet. Otherwise, it will appear in the future. This small problem cannot be ignored.

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