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Don't know how to buy kitchen faucets? Three steps
Addtime: 2018-04-08

When the kitchen is decorated, a lot of people are right the big piece such as kitchen stage sink of lampblack machine goes up in the heart very much, to faucet such small piece do not think about meaning, actually, small article is very important also to your kitchen life experience when choosing kitchen faucet, I consider more problem is: can it be used for a long time? Will it pollute the water? Is it convenient to use? Want to solve these problems, it is necessary to understand the structure of the faucet faucet overall structure is divided into the valve core body surface valve core is the control of water flow in and out of the part, is the heart of the faucet, can be durable to see here; The main body is the main component of the faucet, that is, the skeleton, and most of the water pollution is due to the poor material quality of this part; The coating is the surface material of the faucet, namely the skin of the faucet, which is the horizontal appearance of the faucet

Will it last long?

 The faucet is opened shut off open every day, we all don't remember how many times a day switch off, when buy so considering the first question is that it can be used for a long time off when the activity of faucet parts in the valve core, so want it can be used for a long time, depends on the quality of the valve spool valve core quality can see if it can withstand long no drop leak test, the test is for the life of the valve core test in countries tap detection standards have specific provision, no drop leak testing requirements of the switch is not lower than 200000 times the number of switch Apart from the test indexes to judge the quality, but also from the sensory evaluation, on the left, right turn the handle, the light feeling, unimpeded means that occupy the home use good quality current ceramic valve core is the most suitable valve core material, it has also been a lot of faucet manufacturers widely used its most valuable, because materials easily, wear-resisting both hot and cold temperature can adapt to for a long time although the impurities in the water is likely to cause damage to the ceramic valve core, but residents used tap water quality is good, basic can ignore this factor



Will it pollute the water?

Before the faucet was exposed to frequent lead levels, the lead poisoning in the residents caused everyone to start panicking. Therefore, when purchasing the faucet, in addition to the quality, I will consider whether it will pollute the water.

If you look at the faucet that will pollute the water, you should look at the material of the main part that has been in contact with the tap water for a long time. The main body of the faucet is mainly cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy and stainless steel. Cast iron is prone to rust, plastics are prone to aging, zinc alloys have poor stability and are prone to bursting, resulting in a short-term use, so it is not recommended to buy these three materials.

At home, copper alloy is the most suitable material for the main body. Because copper ions have a certain bactericidal effect, and bacteria can not produce antibodies, the inner surface of the copper faucet will not breed bacteria, which is no other way than other materials. This is why many brands now choose copper materials for faucets.

Brass in copper alloy is a combination of copper and zinc. Its mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance make it the first choice for faucet materials. Brass is also divided into many types because of the copper content. At present, most of the faucets use H59 copper, which is 57% to 61% copper. In fact, some international sanitary ware brands even use H62 copper. The faucet is produced because H62 copper has a higher copper content than H59 copper and has better corrosion resistance.

In addition to copper and zinc, brass also contains traces (less than 0.5%) of lead. When the faucet is exposed to lead poisoning, everyone thinks it is caused by the lead of brass itself, but all the doses that are left to talk about poisoning are hooligans. At present, the national standard for the lead content of faucets is that as long as the lead precipitation does not exceed 5 μg/L, it will not threaten human health. In fact, the standard H59 copper does not need to worry about this problem. Most of the faucets on the market that detect excessive lead precipitation are not standard brass, but are shodded with zinc alloy, or too much impurity is infiltrated, or roughly processed with recycled scrap copper. The faucets thus produced have quality problems.


Is it inconvenient to use?

The faucet is not convenient to use, it really affects the quality of life. In the past, the faucet only supplied cold water. Every winter, washing dishes and washing vegetables became a tormenting work. Later, everyone chose the hot and cold mode. Now, we can have more choices and provide more life. Convenience.


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