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Basin faucet installation and maintenance tips
Addtime: 2017-11-07

To deal with the wash basin and wash the hand basin, trust many people have different views of the city, then how many suitable heights for the installation of the basin faucet? Then choose according to different people, situations and other related identities, so the next step is Let's explain the precautions and contents of the basin faucet installation in different situations.

Basin faucet installation height

Under normal circumstances, when installing the basin faucet, there is a certain standard, so how high is the installation height of the basin faucet? When we are washing, the last thing we want to see is the splash of water, so when installing The strength of the faucet should be inversely proportional to the depth of the basin, so that it can effectively prevent splashing. In the standard case, the height of the basin faucet is usually 80 cm or 85 cm, and the others can be appropriately reduced or added according to the actual situation of the user.

Basin faucet installation tips

We all know that basin faucets play an important role in our daily life. The height of the basin faucet installation has chosen the warmth we use, so we need some skills to assist us in the use of the installation. When a single-hole faucet is installed, its frequency of use is high, so the lock nut must be tightly mounted, and an enlarged nut can be used to stop the fixing. When you stop the installation, you should also pay attention to the use of special angle valves to prevent the occurrence of zero or water leakage.

Basin faucet maintenance

We all know that after using the basin faucet for a period of time, there will be various problems such as looseness and water leakage. Therefore, when stopping the installation of the basin faucet, in addition to the installation height of the basin faucet and installation skills, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the smudges on the surface must be cleaned once a month, but the most important thing is still the internal cleanliness. If the faucet is bifurcated, the bubbler is faulty. It is necessary to use vinegar and small brush. To clean up.

Basin faucet selection

The basin faucets can be divided into potable water faucets and non-potable water faucets. Therefore, the height of the faucet installed on the basin is necessary to choose from its material. Since the water retained in the faucet for a long time will cause the lead film to fall, it will make the faucet to be rusty and then pollute the water. Therefore, the material of stainless steel is relatively safer and the price is relatively higher accordingly. In addition, try to choose a more famous brand,as the quality may be guaranteed to some certain extent.

The above is the installation height of the basin faucet, installation skills, and maintenance and selection information. I hope that you can use it for reference and installation.

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